Raw Tactics

Raw Tactics Records is a urban music record label based in Melbourne, Australia consisting of two innovative producers, Christian 'Tiggy' Horden and Jimmy Le Mac. To help bring this independent record label forward in the digital sphere, Brett Hutt was tasked with assisting in the designing of a digital brand guidlines primarily focussed on photography, video and animation.

Engaging with the Raw Tactics' ethos, their vibe and future ambitions, this Raider Creative project brings together a modern twist with the gritty fundamentals of this music brand and thrusts Raw Tactics and their collaborator's into the path of their target audience. As an ongoing project, expect to see more of Raw Tactics in the digital landscape.

Raw Tactics Tigs producing music
Raw Tactics Lenzez hands
Raw Tactics Lenzez from above
Raw Tactics social media teaser screenshot
Raw Tactics Logo
Raw Tactics Tigs No Regrets Cover Image
Raw Tactics Merch Image Rayane Paiva on Roof
Raw Tactics Merch Image Flaming Wolf
Raw Tactics website macbook view
Raw Tactics and Raider Creative Logo Brighton UK