Michael Wiltshire

On a budget and starting a new career trajectory, Michael J Wiltshire required a website that embraced his love of 80's films and traditional storytelling. Built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we aimed to create a digital space with plenty of potential for development as his professional projects roll in.

With a clear focus on visual media, I worked with Michael through all the stages of design to the final product. Monospace headers, clean san-serif body text and screenshots of his existing films, I captured the essence of Michael's brand. The business goals for Michael are to generate leads for casual media collaborations with like minded artists, bloggers and other contemporary influencers with a focus of future professional opportunities.

Michael Wiltshire Doug Devaney Pillow Talk Film
Michael Wiltshire Epitome Short Film
Michael Wiltshire Hope for Folk Short Film
Michael Wiltshire
Michael J Wiltshire Website 2017
Michael Wiltshire and Raider Creative Logos