Aesthethic Culture

Aesthethic Culture is a ethical clothing brand based in Brighton, UK. More than just a clothing company, Aesthethic Culture is built off the back of a philosophy of healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy society through positive conscious choices. Their clothing is made from organic, low impact cotton and bamboo fibres, using a fixed, water-based ink in a zero-discharge dye-house that leaves a smaller carbon footprint than other traditionally produced brands.

To launch this brand, a set of images were required for social media promotion, marketing materials and the Aesthetic Culture website. Using 3 models (including Gergo Jonas, the owner), we created a foundational set of images that encapsulated this brands tone of voice. With the future in mind, Raider Creative will be the main media creator for this brilliant brand.

Aesthethic Culture Honey on Machine
Aesthethic Culture black hoody
Aesthethic Culture Gergo Jonas Vegan on street in Brighton
Aesthethic Culture logo
Aesthethic Culture Mens Tshirt
Aesthethic Culture Gergo Jonas Vegan in Gym tshirt
Aesthethic Culture Ariba Jay in Blue Vegan hoody
Aesthethic Culture Honey in Gym
Aesthethic Culture Gergo Jonas vegan in Gymwear vest
Aesthethic Culture green female t-shirt
Aesthethic culture vegan wear black hoody
Aesthethic culture vegan wear blue hoody
Aesthethic culture vegan wear burgundy hoody